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“You must bow to your husband whether you are a graduate or not”-Adebayo Salami

by Adenike Akindude

Veteran Yoruba Actor, Adebayo Salami popularly known as Oga Bello spoke about the importance of a woman submitting to her husband either she is a graduate or not.

He gave his advice on marriage while speaking in an interview with Broadway TV. Salami pointed out that why modern marriages don’t last long is because the African culture has been thrown away and Western culture has been emulated.

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When the Yoruba actor was asked if a man and a woman are equal in marriage, He said:  “They are not.”

He continued saying: “That’s what I’m saying. We are throwing the African culture away. Our forefathers… you cannot claim that you are equal with your husband. It happens out there in the Western World. That’s part of the emulation I’m talking about, which is wrong. African women are taught to bow to their husband; the husband too must respect the wife. Bow… do things for him, cook for him. Unlike there… you go to the restaurant to eat together. Even here, nowadays you see a husband will say ”let me take you out for lunch”. For what? Cook… let it be homemade.

Some people will get married, spend a lot of money and the marriage wont last 2 years. Some don’t even last 6 months, because they claim they are equal… ”you are a graduate I’m a graduate”… and so? You must bow. But that’s not to say you must take your wife as a slave. There must be respect for each other.”

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