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Adenike Akindude

Nigeria is a country blessed with diverse kinds of Cultures and traditions depending on the tribe you hail from. With over two hundred and fifty tribes in the nation, You cannot have enough of the diversities. This was what I realized when I arrived Ubuluubu village, Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta state. HOW YOUNG WOMEN ARE BURIED IN DELTA STATE

Ubuluubu is a village in Delta State South, South region of Nigeria. It is a place rich in Agriculture and other rich resources. It is fascinating though how a young woman is buried in this place. HOW YOUNG WOMEN ARE BURIED IN DELTA STATE

On the Eve of the day of the burial of any young woman, the husband of the deceased is kept in a room where he can’t come out. Visitors are allowed to go in to give their condolences to him. On this night, a wake keeping ceremony is held in honour of the departed. People from around the village will gather around the husband’s house and sit in their different age groups drinking and celebrating with music. Later in the night, some women sing and clap their hands to celebrate the departed soul.

On the morning of the burial, the first daughter of the deceased will tie a white wrapper called Akuocha on her waist carrying a gong as she goes around the village announcing that her mother is no more.
Later, the body of the dead is brought from the mortuary by her first Son and first daughter to her husband’s house where some traditional rites are usually performed. The youth of the village welcome her with drums and songs.

According to their tradition, despite the fact that the man has paid the bride price for the woman, at death she must be returned home to her people. After the rites have been performed at her husband’s house, the body is still taken to the husband’s paternal family before being taken to her home. As the body arrives home, some set of women accompanies her with sorrowful songs.

However, before she is laid to rest some things are given to her families like drinks, kola nuts and a female goat with its offspring (a kid). Then, the husband’s family comes with the body to report officially to the family that the body of their daughter has been brought home. The children of the deceased will be summoned by the elders and advised to unite themselves as their mother is no more.

Finally, the deceased is laid to rest, the husband comes to pay his final respect and returns back to his room where other men console him. Sorrow fills the atmosphere as everyone waves goodbye, but later on, the celebration continues.

It is surprising that at this level of civilization, Some communities still hold on to the traditions of their ancestors. There is this common saying that Religion or Civilization does not stop us from practicing our traditions.

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