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Youth rejoices as FG engaged 6,000 in agriculture

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Youth rejoices as FG engaged 6,000 in agriculture
Ojo Taiwo

Youth in Akure, the Ondo State Capital has expressed their delight over the decision of the Federal Government to employ about 6,000 youths in its FADAMA guys program.
National Coordinator of the program, Mr. Tayo Adewunmi said about 6,000 youth will be engaged in agricultural enterprises by the Federal Government and the world Bank under the FADAMA III project of the Graduate unemployment youth scheme.
Adewunmi said “the program, named GUYS is to encourage youths from the ages of 18 to 35 and maximum of 40 years to go into agriculture as a profession and business. By study, real farmers are aging, some dead and old. To start with 15 to 20 states, including Ondo, will be among the first phase of 200 to 300 youths per states.
He said between 15 or 20 state, 300 youths from ages 18 to 35 would be encouraged to go into agriculture. He added that subsequently between 500 to 1000 youth will be engaged.
He explained that by end of June, starter packs should be given to the youth based on different enterprises of interest. “The government has a lot in store for the youth in the country. He added that before the end of the year government has a plan for a Sunshine Rice.
Adewunmi explains further that the program will drift youth away from social vice and deviant attitude to positivity.
“My coming to Ondo State is at the right time because we have a lot to anchor this year for our youths in the country”, he said.
Similarly, Mr. Akin Olotu, chairman of the FFCA, disclose the challenges farmers in the state face. He said the FFCA effort to secure loans by the member has been strained, as the process of securing the loan discourages members.
He also revealed that the lands purchased by the Association were lying fallow as the farmers lack tractors s to work on the farm as there are only 13 tractors in the whole of the state.
Akin shows gratitude to FADAMA project and NPC for their immeasurable achievement in the nation

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