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5 Amazing Things Every Wife Should Know About Her Husband

by Daily Family
5 Amazing Things Every Wife Should Know About Her Husband

5 Amazing Things Every Wife Should Know About Her Husband

There’s something magical about being able to call the man you love your husband. It’s unlike anything else, like a partnership and belonging, someone who has your back, all the while building you up. It’s pretty special.

This is why it’s so important that you know your husband. Sometimes even more than he knows himself (as he should do for you too). Because that’s part of the magic of marriage – that there is someone in this world who knows you and loves you enough to put you ahead of themselves.

The ‘getting to know you’ phase never ends. We are always changing and evolving, and talking to each other, and communicating. And while these are listed as what every wife should know about her husband, it goes equally the other way too and these things are also what every husband should know about his wife.

1. How To Make Him Smile
There are going to be times when everyone is stressed, upset, or just plain tired and ‘over it’. You know the times when you’re cranky, he’s cranky and you just can’t seem to get out of that funk.

Knowing how to make him smile is the perfect icebreaker for this. Sometimes all it takes is a change in direction, like laughing instead of being cranky, to pull everyone back to neutral. Plus, it’s a nice feeling to be able to make your husband smile whenever you want.

2. What Is Important To Him
While it may seem silly to you that he insists on dressing up for a party if it’s important to him be sure to encourage him, or at the very least, don’t make him feel bad about it.  You don’t have to agree on everything, but understanding what is important to each other gives you boundaries on what you should and shouldn’t push for. It goes both ways, so be sure he knows what is important to you too.

3. What Motivates Him
Do you know what it is that motivates your husband? What drives him to achieve his goals? Does the thought of going away camping for a week in the bush make him excited? Or a day at the beach? Or a day on his own to do whatever he wants?

Knowing what motivates each other can mean that you can plan these events for your husband (and yourself) as little ‘rewards’ along the way. It’s important to include individual motivations in your relationship – both his and yours.


4. What His Dreams Are
Where does your husband hope to be in a year, in five years, in a decade? What does he want to be doing with his career? With his life? As a family and with you?

One of the issues that cause so much upset in relationships is when a husband and wife have very, very different dreams for their lives. They go through their relationship without talking to each other about where they want to be in years to come, or they just agree and go along with one of the others to keep them happy, and then all of a sudden it’s like they are heading down two very different paths.

5. The Ways In Which He Loves You
What is it that your husband loves and adores about you? Knowing this is such a nice feeling, and can help you with any self-consciousness or insecurities you may have. It can even make you feel more confident.

Knowing that your husband loves your independence and strength as a woman, makes you feel even more independent and strong. Knowing that he loves how stubborn you are, makes you feel less self-conscious about it. And knowing that he loves your womanly curves, makes you feel less like you need to look like the photoshopped images in magazines.


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